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Update Zoom Settings

In order to receive the Meeting Insights emails, you must have Cloud Recording and Audio Transcripts enabled on your account. Follow the steps below to check and enable those settings.


  1. Open Zoom Recording Settings

  2. Turn ON the following settings:

    • "Cloud recording"​

    • "Cloud recording" > "Record an audio only file"

    • "Cloud recording" > "Audio transcript"

  3. Optional:

    • Automatic recording > record in the cloud

    • Host can pause/stop the auto recording in the cloud

  • If you do not see the "Audio Transcripts" setting on this page, you may need to upgrade Zoom to take advantage of our service. Audio transcription is a feature of the Business, Enterprise, and Education editions of Zoom.

  • You may temporarily turn off recording during a meeting, or disable it for a meeting altogether. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

  • It is NOT required to record every meeting; you can decide which meetings you want recorded in your settings and in individual meetings.